Selection of inflatable fender materials for ships
- Jul 28, 2017 -

As we all know, marine pneumatic fender in our ship plays a very good protective effect, can reduce the loss of the ship collision, so for many of us, it is necessary to understand the ship with the inflatable fender of knowledge. Natural rubber ship fender is one of the most common US products, today we have to look at it in the material selection and production process requirements, in the hope that we buy these marine pneumatic fenders to attention when the selection of these materials.

Fender is widely used in ships, marine facilities, offshore platform, port, yacht parking for inflatable boat, play a buffer, the ship's ability to absorb impact effect of peptizer is a thiophenol rubber fenders peptizer, suitable for natural rubber, synthetic rubber plasticating. The plastic solution can improve the plasticity and the plasticizing efficiency of the rubber molding, shorten the plastic refining time by about 1/3, save energy and improve labor production efficiency. In the manufacturing process, the parts and components of the adhesion and adhesion between each other is very common. Bonding between the non vulcanized rubber generally adopts thermal bonding method, because the rubber material generally has good bonding properties in hot rolling extrusion process timely, semi-finished products can be used hot laminating glue components together. When the air inflated fender is adhered at room temperature, the adhesive surface of solvent must be used to remove the surface impurities, so as to ensure the bonding effect. For the adhesive property is too poor, the glue must be painted adhesive before bonding.

These marine pneumatic fender is the use of these rubber made of rubber and plastic, and the selection of mixing technology for our entire marine pneumatic impact fenders or very large, want to take us marine pneumatic fender production, improve its quality, choose good rubber and processing technology is very important.