The difference between a mesh tire rubber fender and an inflatable fender
- Jul 28, 2017 -

Rubber products are very waterproof and easy to float on the water, so many of the marine products are made of rubber, just like the fender of ships, and many of them are made of rubber. There are many applications for inflatable fenders, so what is the difference between the mesh tire fenders and the inflatable fenders?

Mat type rubber fender is using compressed air as a buffer medium, has a soft collision effect makes the ship alongside, absorb energy in punching technology, ship unit surface pressure is low, the impact fatigue performance, simple installation, suitable for large oil tankers, liquefied gas ship, dock, offshore platform etc.. The marine pneumatic fender is using compressed air as the medium, absorb the impact on the capacity of the ship, the ship has a small recoil, large energy absorption, light weight, the unit area is small, impact resistant performance, installation is simple and convenient, economical and practical advantages, widely used for buffering and protection of ship port, yacht moored at.