The difference between rubber and plastics
- Jul 28, 2017 -

In brief, the most essential difference between plastics and rubber is plastic deformation when plastic deformation occurs, while rubber is an elastic deformation. In other words, it's not easy to restore the original state after plastic deformation, and rubber is relatively easy. Plastic elasticity is very small, usually less than 100%, while rubber can reach 1000% or more. Most of the plastic molding process is completed, the product process will be completed; and after the rubber forming process, but also need vulcanization process.

Plastic and rubber belong to the polymer material, mainly composed of carbon and hydrogen two atoms, and some contain small amounts of oxygen, nitrogen, chlorine, silicon, fluorine, sulfur and other atoms, its performance is special, the use is also special. At normal temperatures, plastics are solid and hard to stretch. And rubber hardness is not high, elastic, stretch length, stop stretching, and can revert to the original state. This is due to the difference in their molecular structure. Another difference is that plastics can be recycled and reused many times, while rubber can not be recycled directly. It can only be processed and made into reclaimed rubber before it can be used. The shape of the plastic at more than 100 degrees to 200 degrees is similar to that of rubber at 60 to 100 degrees, and plastic does not include rubber.

In a broad sense, rubber is actually a kind of plastic, plastic, including rubber. It is introduced in detail.

General industrial double-sided adhesive, can be divided into acrylic rubber and rubber Department of the two categories. And these two categories, but also can be divided into two types of substrate and no substrate (there is substrate: in the glue with a layer of cotton, strengthening the amount of double-sided adhesive itself and strength, no substrate: pure gum, to ensure the transparency of double-sided adhesive). Because the main body of rubber adhesive is CR, it is used in rubber products and is easy to react with rubber vulcanization system. Therefore, the weaker color of rubber products are made of acrylic rubber, the system has a substrate double sided adhesive (the same kind of double-sided adhesive, regardless of substrate or no substrate, are made of its own glial thickness to distinguish.

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