The importance of quality and safety of rubber fenders
- Jul 28, 2017 -

With the development of shipping industry in our country, there are more and more demand for wharf and ship fender, and the requirement of fender performance is higher and higher. Among them, rubber fenders are widely used because of their good toughness and impact resistance. At present, China's rubber fender many manufacturers, product manufacturers to survive some uneven in quality, in the fierce competition in the market, only by price competition as the main means, not strictly comply with the relevant standards and technology, the low quality of raw materials or excessive use of reclaimed rubber to reduce cost, which brings great risks to the wharf and ship berthing safety. Experts said that the rubber fender manufacturers should strictly implement the relevant national standards, strict technological process, enhancing the capability of independent innovation, and continuously improve product quality, to provide safe and reliable products for China's shipping industry and shipbuilding industry.

The marine shipbuilding industry, shipbuilding and other supporting host market, rubber fender market capacity is not great, the competition is fierce.  Sea rubber (Qingdao) industrial limited company deputy general manager Li Haie said that the annual domestic rubber fender market capacity of about 2000000000 yuan, the high visibility of the manufacturers in 3 and 4, mainly for its backbone port and shipbuilding enterprises, more customized products, so the market share is high, efficiency is also good. Some more, produce the universal thin profit products manufacturers can only adopt low-cost competitive strategy, and even use low-quality materials or with high proportion of reclaimed rubber in order to reduce the cost, which is relatively common in Jiangsu rubber fender manufacturers gathered more areas. Li Haie pointed out that the low quality rubber fender harm greatly, not only the service life is short, and once broken, will cause serious damage to wharf and berthing ships.

The national standard of rubber and rubber rubber sundry goods technical committee responsible for China's rubber fender standard revision and centralized management of the technical committee of the Secretary General Song Baoqing also deeply felt. At present, China's solid rubber fender is the standard "GB/T 21537-2008 cone type rubber fender" and "HG/T 2866-2003" rubber fender, inflatable rubber fender is used in "CB-T 3948 marine pneumatic rubber fenders" and "ISO17357:2002 High pressure Floating pneumatic rubber fenders", and filled with floating rubber fender is a new product in recent years, there is no international standard and industry standard. Song Baoqing pointed out that China's various types of rubber fender standard is not backward compared with foreign countries, but manufacturers uneven implementation standards, so that the products are good and bad, and this gives me the air transport industry and shipbuilding industry development risks. She said, adding reclaimed rubber can improve the processing performance in raw materials, and in accordance with the requirements of green environmental protection, as with many reclaimed rubber will adversely affect the quality and service life of the product, there is no quantitative analysis of the data, so the use of reclaimed rubber can not simply deny. But the use of quality raw materials is an important basis for ensuring product quality, which is beyond doubt.

Rubber fender in shipbuilding enterprise is mainly used for the safety protection for ship berthing time outfitting. Yangzhou afar rubber fender said, the quality of the product is the first. If the new ship outfitting for rubber fender quality problems and collision accidents, resulting in damage to the hull, the new ship will have to rework repair and even cause tardiness. Although relative to the port, rubber fenders do not belong to the main production facilities of shipbuilding enterprises. Shipyards also pay more attention to the price performance of rubber fenders, but the quality of products must not be neglected.