What are the common module of ship outfitting
- Jul 28, 2017 -

1. Modularization of weapon equipment.

In order to further improve the operational performance of the ship, the modern ship will usually undergo 2-3 modern modifications in its lifetime, replacing the outdated electronic and weapons systems. Because of the traditional design methods, most ships depend on each other in the whole system, which makes the interface very complex. Therefore, the modularization of weapon equipment and its auxiliary system came into being.

The main method is to design the weapon, electronic equipment and system of the ship successfully, and adopt the standard size and interface to realize the modularization of equipment and system. The modular weapon can bring the following benefits: one is to save the total investment, procurement, production and modification involving warships, these will affect the unit product cost, internal work and whole life expenses. The two is to transfer the workload within the module to the outside, so that the module supplier takes on more work. The three is the modularization of weapon equipment, which can reduce the time and investment as much as possible.

2. Modularization of living quarters.

Modular housing has developed rapidly in the past 20 years, and a large number of professional manufacturers have sprung up. They have accumulated rich experience in the aspects of material, design, manufacturing technology and equipment support. Products are widely used in various types of ships, offshore platforms. Typical modular living quarters, passenger ships as an example, there are economy class, ordinary class, first class, and other grades.

3. Automation system modularization.

Currently, integrated bridge control systems have been developed in several countries. This system provides a complete set of control and navigation information, which contains four major sub modules for user selection.

4. Modularization of electromechanical devices.

Modularization has been widely used in ship power plant, ship system, cargo handling, special equipment and so on. At home and abroad, this type of module has done a certain degree of research, and has achieved good results, forming a product.

5, attach modular outfitting tube.

Attachment type module usually refers to the outfitting design module, because of its wide range of equipment layout or higher fixed, the actual construction needs to the structure or the ship hull area based on prefabricated modules by restricting hull construction progress, but a common and self-contained unit and the optional module outfitting equipment the same, which can be called surface shipbuilding module.

In recent years, the equipment module self-contained research on modular outfitting the main focus in the development of various types of application, there is little research directly affects the level of shipbuilding outfitting tube module and the progress of the. Despite the different type of ship, but the ship structure still has a certain similarity, to create the conditions for the local structure of general scale similar to all kinds of ships, but also create conditions for modular outfitting tube.

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