What are the uses of Marine fender?
- Jul 28, 2017 -

When a ship in the sea, marine fender can play a big role, especially when in the strong wind and big waves will appear big ups and downs, sponge, which have a certain impact on the hull will, so when the water is blocked when the fender on the ship outside, you can have some assurance of the safety of the ship.

For the time being, the most extensive use of shipboard fenders is the refinement of molecular polyethylene materials. Molecular polyethylene is a kind of very strong wear resistance and impact resistance of the material, this material refined marine fender, can protect the ship well reduce the impact, friction against the shore or with other ships of the. Because of its stable properties, good impact resistance and good friction resistance, ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene plate has been widely used in our country.

Ship fender is an important field of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene board application. And marine fender of ultra high molecular weight polyethylene plate used is very large, generally speaking, marine fender will need to have the entire hull wrapped up, so you can like port installed fender, the hull can live, when the ship docked, the ship can be well protected from impact damage.