Characteristics Of Steel Structure
- Jul 28, 2017 -

1, high strength of materials, light weight

The strength of the steel is high and the modulus of elasticity is high. Compared with the concrete and wood density and the ratio of yield strength is relatively low, and therefore under the same loading conditions section of steel structure is small, light weight, convenient transportation and installation, suitable for large span, height, weight bearing structure.

2, steel toughness, good plasticity, uniform material, high structural reliability

The utility model is suitable for shock and dynamic loads and has good seismic performance. The microstructure of the steel is uniform and almost isotropic.  The actual work performance of the steel structure is in line with the calculation theory. Therefore, the reliability of the steel structure is high.

3 、 the steel structure is highly mechanized

Steel structural components are easy to be fabricated in factories and assembled on site. The mechanical manufacture of steel structural parts in the factory has the advantages of high precision, high production efficiency, rapid assembly site and short construction period. Steel structure is the highest degree of industrialization of a structure.

4. The steel structure has good sealing performance

Because the welding structure can be completely sealed, it can be used as a high pressure vessel with good tightness and water tightness, large oil tanks and pressure pipes.

5 、 steel structure refractory

When the temperature is below 150, the properties of the steel vary little. Therefore, the steel structure is suitable for the thermal workshop, but when the surface of the structure is subjected to thermal radiation of about 150 degrees, the heat insulation board is used to protect it. When the temperature is 300 degrees -400 degrees centigrade, the strength and modulus of elasticity of steel decrease remarkably. When the temperature is about 600 DEG C, the strength of steel tends to zero. In buildings with special fire protection requirements, steel structures must be protected against fire to improve fire resistance.

6, steel structure corrosion resistance is poor

It is easy to rust, especially in humid and corrosive media environments. The steel structure shall be derusting, galvanized or painted, and shall be maintained regularly. For the offshore platform structure in seawater, special measures such as "zinc block anode protection" should be adopted to prevent corrosion.

7, low carbon, energy saving, green environmental protection, can be reused

Demolition of steel structure construction will hardly produce construction waste, and steel can be recycled.