Daily Maintenance Of Rubber Fenders
- Jul 28, 2017 -

Maintenance of rubber fenders on terminals requires varying degrees of suspension. And the fast loading and unloading terminal is not allowed to stop production for a long time. To properly resolve this contradiction, we can proceed from the following three aspects:

1 grasp the barge berthing gap and tidal time berth, to repair. This approach is applicable to small-scale, small workload maintenance tasks. Generally, the maintenance team of the loading and unloading company can carry out the construction, and can not be limited by the contract period of outsourcing, neither affect the production, but also flexibly control the construction in batches and blocks. From the perspective of economic benefit analysis than outsourcing save costs 1 to 2 times yo farmers such as South Wharf berths two M (DA) fender installation company maintenance team and accessories shop with each other, first on the processing and finishing installation and spare parts support, then according to the time gap in front of production the installation is complete, partial, total installed material costs 11 thousand yuan (not including the fender itself purchase type D), such as installation manual materials with outsourcing costs 26 thousand yuan.

2., the workload is relatively large, complex construction and long cycle of maintenance tasks, such as the old white berth berth steel glue mixing platform fender production and installation, generally in order to outsource. Because of the date of manufacture, installation, and use, the need to vacate the pier, berth longer. With this approach, the company's plans and production scheduling departments must undergo careful research and arrangements, according to the company's production capacity and production of each dock, the overall coordination, balance, partial regular production stop.

3., strengthen inspection and maintenance

The basic measure of maintenance work is to pay attention to routine inspection and maintenance, and the implementation of this work is essential to reduce maintenance. The terminal companies should establish personal responsibility, strengthen the inspection and maintenance of wharf area of responsibility of rubber fenders, so we can find some small fault fender, such as fastening screw loosening, support parts damage bifida, immediately repair, prevent the rubber fender and bollard damage development. A big hole in hardship, a large number of previous fender damage, loss and not timely inspection and maintenance of A. With the continuous progress of the technical expertise of the quay fenders, the rubber fender market will be more suitable for loading and unloading the docks. Therefore, the selection problem will continue. Similarly, the problem of maintenance, with fenders using model change, the changes of enterprise management system, also need to take measures for the maintenance and management of strain is different, and constantly improve the pier rubber fender maintenance quality and level.

Vulcanization process of rubber fender

A rubber fenders are made from a mixture of natural rubber and synthetic rubber.

B, adding carbon black, anti-aging agent and other additives to enhance the rubber fender's physical and mechanical properties, and resistance to sea water corrosion, anti-aging and ozone resistance.

C, rubber material is uniform, and no impurity (impurity), bubbles, injury, crack and other defects hinder the quality of the products.