Marine Fender
- Jul 28, 2017 -

It is a rubber airtight container made of suspension cord fabric and made of skeleton material. It can float on the surface of the water after it is filled with compressed air. It is used as an important buffer medium for ship and ship berthing and ship and ship berthing. At the same time, the inflatable rubber can absorb the impact energy of the ship motion by the ball, reduce the counterforce of the ship, and greatly improve the safety of the berthing of the ship.

Product features

1. high absorption energy

The energy absorption capacity is the main technical performance index of fender. With the increase of tonnage, berthing operations, ship collision energy or other vessel wall contact has been doubled. The tremendous impact energy must depend on the sufficient deformation of the fenders and sufficient contact area to absorb. Shunde sea rubber boat fender uses internal compressed air as a buffer medium to absorb the impact energy of the ship, and the elasticity is very good.

2. ultra low reverse pressure

The inflatable fender in Shunde sea is filled with low-pressure gas, and the internal pressure is limited in compression deformation. As the contact area is large, the unit pressure acting on the hull surface is very low, and compared with other fender devices, it is not the general low back pressure.

3. inclined contact and good adaptability

For ships, there must be a certain angle to the shore, the possibility of connecting the ship. The Shunde sea inflatable fenders are much more adaptable to slant contact than other fenders.

4. floating performance is good, is not affected by the tidal effect, fender can be maintained in the ideal level

Inflatable fenders float above the surface of the water (over 50% of the volume) and do not change with respect to the ship's side as the tide rises and falls.  Especially when the ship is rolling with the waves, the cylindrical inflatable fender has little friction as it rolls. Therefore, the coating on the hull surface can not be damaged, and the effect of damping and vibration reduction can also be achieved.

5, both sides of the fender are made of special material made of flange, acid, alkali, anti-oxidation, not easy to rust.

6, the installation is convenient to carry, widely used in all kinds of ships, a large offshore tidal dock and large variety of wharf.