Rubber Fender Profile And Classification
- Jul 28, 2017 -

Rubber fender, also known as rubber protection wood, is installed in the terminal or ship, to absorb the ship and the terminal or between the ship in the dock or mooring when the collision energy to protect the ship, the terminal from damage.


Usually the rubber fender can be divided into two categories according to the structure: solid rubber fender (non-floating type) and floating rubber fender.

Solid rubber fenders (non-floating type) is the application of earlier history, the application of a wide range of terminal ship anti-collision equipment. According to the structure of the fender, the solid rubber fender can be divided into D-type, cone, drum, fan, rectangular, cylinder, according to the structure of the fender, according to the situation of the rubber fender can be divided into shear type, rotation type and compression type Fenders and so on.

Floating rubber fenders can float freely on the surface of the water, depending on the internal buffer medium can be divided into: inflatable rubber fender, filled rubber fender.

Inflatable rubber fender is compressed air as the medium, through the compressed air work to consume the collision energy;

Foam-filled fenders are also known as solid polyurethane fenders, the internal buffer media is mainly closed-cell foam materials, such as foam EVA, foam polyurethane and foam rubber and so on.