The Relationship Between Rubber Fender And Mooring Stability
- Jul 28, 2017 -

The completion and operation of world energy Qinhuangdao port coal terminal, or rubber fenders always limit production berth, dock and ship pilotage the parking problems affect the production safety, timing ship scheduling. The causes of rubber fender damage are not accidental accidents and operation management, but have deep theoretical roots. First of all, it is necessary to analyze and study the best Countermeasures in fender design, selection and material manufacturing. The port authority has on this issue, held many seminars, the author intends to design of rubber fender manufacture and use of the connotation and extension of the deep discussion for new project reference, further improve the quality and selection of Qinhuangdao Port fender making sense.

In order to reduce the impact force from the ship docked at the pier, to prevent the occurrence of direct collision with the damage caused by the accident of ship and dock, quay are required to set the equipment erosion control. The port of China begins to adopt the rubber fender + currently adopted around the world rubber fender can be divided into compression type, pneumatic type, shear type, rotary type and hydraulic type five before and after 1970, the first two types is the most widely used. In China, most of the rubber fenders are made in China, including cylinder type, D type, V type, drum type, floating type and foam rubber type.

With the wharf, Qin Hong Kong to install a variety of rubber fenders, a total of 3771, of which 24 drum type, inflatable cap type 59 and type D 2948, type V 4 thousand and 600, type 274 and type floating cylinder. The choice of fender structure type depends on ship type, wharf structure type and tide, wind wave and other conditions. Rubber fender with energy absorbing, anti stress, wear resistance, resistance to insects, advantages of simple installation, convenient maintenance, both at home and abroad have been to the rubber fender and the degree of China's ports each year fender total investment up to forty million yuan.

Rubber fender arrangement spacing and height is very important, to ensure that the ship in the specification allows the most unfavorable berthing angle, can not directly touch the quay, and should ensure that the ship can safely berth in different water level and different draught conditions, has strong adaptability to different tonnage ships docked. In the selection and decision three fender layout scheme of coal wharf, one or two, for different types of ton ship safety berthing conditions must be met, it actually reflects the requirements of terminal wave protection degree. Fender is ship berthing energy absorbing equipment, anti force decided to ship 3D motion, without the cover of the semi open the Qinhuangdao Port coal terminal, due to wind, wave and current actions and terminal azimuth error, harbor in wavelet high long period wave. Can the impact of dolphin energy the great ship, which requires the new fender has good energy absorption characteristics. In front of the wharf allows the cumulative frequency of wave height and generally 4%. abroad have the significant wave height is 3%. because the influence factors of pier height before allowing more complex, smooth wave, wave and oblique wave to dock ship impact energy and caused the ship motion parameters to be calculated. Coal terminal one or two, terminal three project allowed before the wave height and the wind wave is according to the H4=1.0m, with the wave of 1. 5m, the wind is less than or equal to 6 grade 10.8 to 13. 8m/s, which is to protect the hull of wharf structure and hull safety by fender on the pier impact force.  According to the calculation of rolling period of different ton ships, it is necessary to avoid the possibility that the ship impacts the resonance between the pier and the wave, allowing the wave height to take the low value. The deformation amount of rubber fender and its corresponding reaction energy absorption reflect the allowable wave height, wind force and allowable flow condition before wharf. The ship under flow pressure and flow pressure angle size of the current and the terminal position close to the smaller crossflow, fender reaction force is small, but the waves still exist adverse effects on the ship operation, stress condition of the fender is the most unfavorable pressure load condition in the sea, high water level and ship. The coal wharf 35 thousand to 50 thousand DWT in H=1. 0 ~ 1. 5m. wave cycle in 6 to 8 seconds, the ship heave is about o.5m, about o.2m in yaw and roll 2 to 3 degrees, then the rubber fender should be able to withstand certain shear, however, Qin Hong Kong Maritime Accident inflatable fender root fracture not uncommon. Therefore, this paper discusses the following procedures: representative type and speed determined by Bi; calculating the representative type of effective shore energy; anti thrust counterforce calculation device to determine the anti flushing device type, arrangement and ancillary equipment.

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