What Are The Components Of A General Steel Structure?
- Jul 28, 2017 -

A combined welded steel column is composed of each limb and a steel plate connected with each limb. Steel columns are made of profiled steel, such as H steel or I-beam, and are connected with steel plates and riveted or connected bolts. The bottom of a column is usually provided with a seat board.

The steel can be combined or separate form (including steel purlin, rafter beam welding); compared with the web and wing plate stiffener, etc..

The truss is composed of upper and lower chord and web member. The connecting parts of each rod are connected with steel plates (gusset plates), and the connection modes include welding, riveting and bolt connection. The end node is provided with a seat board and is connected with the lower loading component;

Because of high strength steel, steel bar section relatively small, easy to meet the requirements of strength, stiffness and stability (but rod axial force acted on, over a certain length when lateral bending and damage mechanics of materials -- important concepts) is poor, so to strengthen the link between the various components, to set the level of support, vertical support, scissors, which is an important part of steel